GOT7’s Jackson Puts An Ingredient In His Smoothie That None Of Them Likes

Yugyeom didn’t ask for this torture.

GOT7 sat down with MTV News to share things about themselves that people wouldn’t normally know and one in particular made everyone cringe.

Jackson revealed that he makes a smoothie every morning that includes grapes, apples, oranges, cabbage, and banana. But, the most important ingredient had BamBam making faces of distress.

It was chicken breast. (Yes, you ready that correctly.) BamBam asked what color the smoothie became when blended, so Jackson demonstrated by putting all of the ingredients into a blender along with a cup of water and broccoli instead of banana.

Afterward, he took a long sip straight from the blender. Since there was so much left, they were all asked to give it a try. But, they immediately refused by saying, “No,” in unison. BamBam even said, “It’s a lot of good food out there. Why [do] I have to eat this stuff?”

Everyone should try things in life at least once, so they eventually gave in except for BamBam who claimed, “It’s not going in my throat.” The drink was so unappetizing that JB held his nose as he drank it. Mark and Yugyeom couldn’t stop their faces from frowning up at the taste.

Watch them suffer from Jackson’s special health smoothie here.