GOT7’s Jackson Wang Reveals How He Overcame Obstacles During His Career

It was not always easy!

In a recent interview with Esquire, GOT7‘s Jackson Wang spoke about how he overcame hurdles faced during his career!

Speaking to Esquire, Jackson said that there are always obstacles that are there to stop someone from achieving their goals! He explained that this could happen through scandals, gossip or “people trying to mess around with your mentality.”

Don’t take it in a bad way. I did and I was really hurt but because of that. I learned not to. You can’t be loved by everybody.

— Jackson

Jackson believes that you need a strong mindset to last in the K-Pop industry, otherwise, those obstacles could really ruin any opportunities.

He then went on to explain that the way he looks at life has changed. Jackson added that he is reflecting more on life, paying attention to the things around him, and listening to people more.

With this in mind, Jackson believes that sometimes it was necessary to learn from “negative stuff,” and that K-Pop fans can educate idols. However, when it came to gossip, Jackson said that he no longer worries about it.

It’s better than nothing, you know what I mean? You’re giving me attention. Thank you.

— Jackson

Jackson has just released his new single “LMLY,” and you can watch it below.

Source: Esquire

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