GOT7’s JB Caught On Camera With Striking New Hairstyle

JB is sparking speculations of a GOT7 comeback after emerging with this eye-catching new hairdo!

Recently, JB looked like he was ready for yet another photo shoot as he flaunts his new hairstyle. The cameras captured him with a gorgeous transformation, sporting a deep crimson color. The new look was completed with a clean white shirt and a classic blazer.

As photos spread online, many were left wondering if JB’s sudden transformation was part of GOT7’s comeback preparations. Contrary to fan culture, a change of hairstyle normally means a start of their new set of promotions.

Although JYP Entertainment has not hinted at any news about GOT7’s come back, many are monitoring their activities after this transformation.

What do you think of his new hairstyle? Check out his suave hair color in the photos below!

JB's new red hair color
His outfit matches his crimson hair perfectly.
JB's new red hair color
Even when he doesn’t try, JB always looks incredibly stylish.
JB's new red hair color
This flattering angle shows how charming he is.
JB's new red hair color
A closer look at his new hairstyle.