GOT7’s Mark And Yugyeom Are The Masterminds Behind The “Eclipse” Fan Chant

Even the fan chant is so groovy!

GOT7 is back with a bangin’ new bop called “Eclipse” and their fans, Ahgases, are excited to learn the fan chant for the song! Members Mark and Yugyeom are the group’s fan chant masterminds rightfully nicknamed GOT7’s cheer captains – but they created this particular fan chant with all the Ahgases through a live broadcast. Fans had a blast and are in complete love with how thoughtful it was for the members to try and include them in the process!


When the live began, Yugyeom explains that he and Mark will be working on the new fan chant on the particular episode. Mark excitedly claims, “Ahgases and we can make it together!” So the fans got to watch the members put together their own chant, as well as pitch ideas for how it should sound!


Throughout the broadcast, Mark and Yugyeom listen to the track “Eclipse”, bounce ideas off each other for what should be said where, and listen to what Ahgases have to say about the fan chant. They communicate through the comments and really take into consideration what their fans had to add or improve!


Once the fan chant was roughly complete, Yugyeom explained that it will be finalized and shared so Ahgases can master it for the upcoming “Eclipse” promotions.

We’ll clean it up a little bit and then share it ASAP so you guys can learn it. We have our pre-recording early tomorrow, so… hopefully you’ll have time to practice it? Good luck!

— Yugyeom


Then Mark and Yugyeom tested out the brand new fan chant themselves. The two even got their light sticks ready, set to the fancy blink mode, and got super into chanting like Ahgases! They actually had a bit of trouble keeping up with some of the more intense sections, like the part when they have to quickly chant all of the members’ names. And this reminded the members of how much Ahgases love them!

Every time we do this, I realize this is not easy… But because of these fan chants, we are able to perform even better on stage!

— Yugyeom


The official GOT7 Twitter account soon shared these pictures of the two fan chant experts holding up their marked-up lyrics sheets! Ahgases love that Mark and Yugyeom had so much fun…


… all the while taking the whole task very seriously – as shown from their hard work scribbled all over these papers!


ICYMI, here’s GOT7’s “Eclipse” music video for you to put on replay:

Source: THEQOO