GOT7’s Youngjae Is Absolutely In Love With His Dog

It’s not unusual for pet owners to show off their animals, but GOT7‘s Youngjae sure is keen on showing his dedication to his adorable dog.

While most idols’ Instagram accounts are dedicated to photos of themselves, Youngjae’s is almost completely filled with pictures of the tiny pup Coco, co-owned by Youngjae and fellow group member Mark.

Coco’s parents and BamBam

Having lived with GOT7 for years, Coco the dog is already well known to fans – having featured on several of their shows, videos, and photos. And she’s certainly not short of love, either.

Check out some of these posts on Youngjae’s Instagram account!

He loves to share selfies of the pair!

And makes sure to share all of Coco’s sweetest moments!

We can see why he’s so in love, just look how adorable Coco is!

So cute!

Their love doesn’t seem one-sided, either. Look how excited Coco is to see his owner!

Check out some more photos of the pair that were on Youngjae’s Instagram before he re-opened his account!

What a sweet pair!

In this case, dogs truly are a man’s best friend.

Youngjae’s love for Coco is endless!