GOT7’s Youngjae Reveals How Important His Dog Coco Is To Him

Their relationship is adorable!

It is no secret that GOT7‘s Youngjae loves his adorable dog Coco. In a new video for OOTV, Youngjae revealed that he will be creating new YouTube content for the channel with Coco!

This video focused on learning about their relationship and was an interview with Coco, who looked very comfortable and content sat on Youngjae’s lap!

One of the first questions looked at what Coco means to him!

Youngjae started by explaining how happy Coco makes him when he returns home from work!

I am happiest when I am on my way home after work because of Coco welcoming me.

— Youngjae

For Youngjae, seeing Coco waiting for him is a huge pleasure in his life, and he made fans soft by saying that he couldn’t live without her.

Youngjae then added how he hoped that, through this content, he could make even more memories with Coco through new experiences!

Even as the video came to an end, it was obvious how much Youngjae loves Coco as he explained that, “I just want to do all the good things for Coco!

You can watch the whole adorable video below!