GOT7’s Youngjae Shares Heartwarming Stories Showcasing His Adorable Relationship With Dog Coco

It is just too cute!

It is no secret that GOT7‘s Youngjae has the sweetest relationship with his dog Coco. He even made Coco a cake earlier in the month to celebrate her birthday!

In a special Q&A video with THE STAR, Youngjae shared even more special moments between the two!

One of the first questions Youngjae was asked was about the motive behind his brand Ars x Coco‘s collaboration with a welfare organisation.

In 2020, Youngjae released the clothing line inspired by his relationship with his pet. He wanted owners and their pets to have matching apparel.

He explained that, rather than having a special motive, it was all for Coco. Youngjae wanted to help abandoned dogs that wander outside, get injured, and can’t eat well!

If that wasn’t enough, Youngjae later revealed a moment from Coco, which was enough to melt everyone’s hearts!

He explained that there was one night when he was crying at home, and Coco just came over and started licking him. Although he thought it may have been because of his salty tears, he was still moved!

He also added that, even though it was a small gesture, it was more than enough! With such a special relationship, Youngjae felt that Coco could read his mind and emotions!

You can watch the whole Q&A below!