Grammy Award-Winning Producer Behind Jungkook’s “Euphoria” Explains How The Song Was Made

He broke down the process behind Jungkook’s incredible solo.

Jordan “DJ Swivel” Young is a Grammy Award-winning Canadian music producer.

He’s credited as one of the producers for Jungkook‘s solo track, “Euphoria”, one of BTS‘s standout solo tracks.

DJ Swivel is also a Hall of Fame graduate from Full Sail University, where he gave a special session showing the genesis and evolution of Jungkook’s solo.

DJ Swivel revealed that he wrote the song the song in English together with his fellow producers, before the track was translated and sung by BTS. The song was then sent back for some final touches before being released.

He also revealed how the song’s catchy melody started out.

This song started with Candance [Nichole Sosa] playing the piano and guitar in the beginning–she had an initial melody, and I sort of broke it down and rewrote it.

— DJ Swivel

ARMYs couldn’t get enough of Jungkook’s incredible raw vocals.

DJ Swivel spent almost an hour going through the creative process for “Euphoria”, answering questions from students along the way. You can watch the full presentation down below.