Grandpa Walks In On Korean Girl Dancing To Japanese Anime Song, Freezes On The Spot

Grandpa walks in on his grand-daughter’s strangest hobby of all time…

On her YouTube channel, YouTuber Lee Ra Kyung posted the most awkward encounter she shared with her grandpa. She starts off the video saying she’s about to show off a song she practiced for a week.


Lee Ra Kyung starts dancing when she realizes (as the captions state) she forgot to lock the door and of course, her grandfather casually walks in.


Lee Ra Kyung doesn’t let this stop her showcase though. She starts singing and her grandpa is forever frozen by the door.

The captions read, “I think he’s looking at me like I’m a monkey in a zoo. Why is he just standing there…?”


At the end of the song, Lee Ra Kyung asks her grandpa to join in with her. This is what happens:

It’s a full-on dance off.


Then the grandpa casually walks out.


So… what was it that the grandpa was looking for? We may never know.


This isn’t the first time Lee Ra Kyung wowed her audience with her out-of-this-world singing and dancing skills. Check out this legendary episode of her appearance on National Singing Contest.

Source: Dispatch