Netizens Have Rediscovered The Greatest And Most Lit CF In K-Pop History

BTS’s RM + AOA’s Jimin + IRON = Lit AF!

Over the years we’ve gotten to see some pretty amazing CFs from our favorite idols. There are the ones that are a little bit goofy that make us smile, the ones that catch us a little off guard with flashes of abs, and then there are the ones that are straight up cool.


Recently, however, netizens have rediscovered an all but forgotten CF campaign that just might be the coolest of them all.


The commercials are for the K’hawah coffee brand and are straight up pieces of art. The brand partnered with IRON, AOA‘s Jimin, and BTS‘s RM and it’s just as amazing as you’d expect.


Each of the rappers created their own lyrics to perform during their individual commercials. And each of them also has a couple of different versions of the song.


But what might be even better than their individual ad campaigns is what happened when some brilliant person combined the three individual songs together into one single masterpiece!


The different music videos were released in 2015 and were pretty popular but for some reason got buried in the internet, that is until now! Netizens have uncovered these treasures for all of us to enjoy. So take a listen and be blown away by how amazing these CFs are.


Just a warning though, these lit videos might make you want to run out and buy some K’hawah coffee!