GROOVL1N Shares Special Making Film Featuring Ravi and MAMAMOO’s Solar

Fans got a sneak peek behind the making Ravi’s new single “LEOPARD”.

Two days ago, fans were beside themselves with excitement over the news that MAMAMOO‘s Solar would be featured on Ravi‘s new single “LEOPARD”. Thankfully, they didn’t have to wait long for the single to drop.

In an effort to keep the momentum going, Ravi’s indie hip hop label GROOVL1N released a behind-the-scenes video featuring the two artists recording the song. Though both artists need no introduction, they are both identified to the viewer before a montage of them hard at work plays.

The short film showcases swoon-worthy moments for fans of either artist but also includes sweet moments between the two performers, including one where Ravi appears to be hyping Solar up as he listens to her sing.

Reaction to the song has been wholly positive, with fans congratulating Ravi and Solar on a successful collaboration.

Watch the whole video below: