Gugudan Mina Says Extreme Dieting Ruined Her Health

Gugudan‘s Mina revealed the serious toll that dieting has had on her health.

In a recent V Live stream, Gugudan’s Mina revealed a time where she was extremely moved by her members because of the level of care and love they showed to her while she was sick.

She began the story by explaining that she had been on an extreme diet at the time, and this diet had caused her immune system to weaken.

Soon, Mina had caught a bad cold and was unable to recover as quickly due to her weakened immune system, and therefore had to take medication.

Just as Mina was about to take her medicine, the other members had somehow known she hadn’t eaten anything, and stopped her before she took them on an empty stomach.

“I was about to take the medicine on an empty stomach, but the other members stole it from me and told me not to eat it unless I’ve eaten something. When I saw them looking after me like that, I was so moved I almost cried.”

— Gugudan’s Mina

Watch the full stream here.