This Gugudan member joins the ranks of cold beauties

Gugudan‘s Hana is stirring up a following for her frosty beauty, giving her the title of the next generation’s ice princess.

Even when she’s not smiling and just going about her business Hana still manages to be captivating. Following f(x) member Krystal‘s signature style, Hana is standing out in the new generation of girl groups. Strong features and a distinct aura have helped her stand out among other beautiful idols in the industry.

Hana has become part of the ice princess crew with this classically beautiful stare.
Her visuals are quite unique.
Even when she looks upset or cold, she’s still stunning.
Hana’s mannequin-like beauty is what makes her stand out.
She always looks chic.
She has a mature aura.
She’s always at the center of attention.

Hana delivered Gugudan’s newest MV,  “A Girl Like Me” showing off her effortless beauty.

Source: Instiz