Gummy Shares Sweet Details About Relationship With Her Husband Jo Jung Suk

They were truly destined for each other.

Gummy and Jo Jung Suk are one of the few married celebrity couples in Korea and revealed they had been dating for over 5 years.

On Life Bar, Gummy shared how sweet of a man her husband is and how they knew they were made for each other. She reveals how attentive he is towards other people’s feelings and that he always tries to be understanding and respectful of his wife’s feelings.

Gummy also reveals that they have extremely similar personalities and this causes them to click with each other more often than not. This similarily is what causes them to see situations in similar ways and to not cause disagreements or fights.

They meshed so well together and eventually knew that they found their respective soulmates.

She shares a heartwarming moment that she really appreciates now that she married her husband. She feels happy that she is now always connected and is together with the person she feels is her soulmate. Gummy now feels that she has a new stable force in her life and understands how great being married can be.