GWSN Named Their Biggest Role Model And Revealed Their K-Pop Friendships In Recent Interview

They talked role models, friendships, and so much more.

In an interview with BNT International, GWSN named their most significant role model and who they are close to in the K-Pop industry. The girls also opened up about concepts they wish to try out and variety shows they wanted to appear in and more!

When asked who they look up to, the girls chose senior group Girls’ Generation (SNSD). They named them because they all can showcase their own charms but blend in together harmoniously as a group.

Additionally, Minju named Chungha as another role model. She chose Chungha because she can sing and dance very well.

When asked who their friends were in the industry, the girls each named idols they were close to.

Seoryoung revealed that she was close to the members of DreamNote, LOONA, and EVERGLOW‘s Aisha.

Anne is also friends with EVERGLOW’s Aisha as well as BVNDIT‘s Seungeun, and LIPBUBBLE‘s Eunbyeol. She met her friends in Hanlim Arts School, where they were schoolmates.

Soso says she’s close to (G)I-DLE members Yuqi, Shuhua, and Minnie while promoting together.

When asked about what concepts they wished to try out, Lena revealed that she wanted to try a concept similar to Girls’ Generation’s “Mister Mister.”

Minju, on the other hand, said she wanted to try a girl crush concept.

For variety shows, Minju revealed that she wanted to appear on Running Man as a group, saying that it suited the group since all the members have bright personalities.

Lena revealed that she would be a fixed member on JTBC‘s Grand-Buda Guest. The girls will also be participating in KCON 2019 Japan and HallyuPopFest in Singapore.

Seokyeong spoke about her experience as a contestant on the first season of Produce 101.

It was an intersting experience. I am happy with my rank and am thankful for the score I recieved. It was a great opportunity for my to learn and enhance my skills in teamwork and collaboration, and I think it helped me get along with my members in the end.

GWSN has two foreign members: Miya from Japan and Soso from Taiwan. When the girls were asked if they experienced any hardships as non-Korean members, Miya replied,

At first, I had a hard time since I didn’t speak Korean. I’m better now, but I still find it difficult for me to understand what someone is saying when I meet them for the first time.

Soso revealed that she is learning Japanese so that communication with Miya would be easier.

GWSN shared their goal as a group, which is to share music that can give comfort to the listener and be like a friend to them. Hopefully, GWSN continues on their path to stardom!

Source: Naver

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