Ha Sungwoon And Jimin’s Surprise Phone Call Is “Friendship Goals”

Jimin helped Ha Sungwoon succeed at a mission in the cutest way.

Ha Sungwoon friendship with BTS‘s Jimin just keeps getting better all the time!


These stars cheer each other on and hang out in their free time, even with their extremely busy schedules. They’re both part of the Padding Squad, a friendship group that also includes EXO’s Kai, and SHINee’s Taemin.


In an episode of JTBC’s Perfect Combi, Ha Sungwoon said that he and Jimin are extra close members of their friendship circle because they’re the youngest.


Recently, their friendship came up again on Naver NOW’s Late Night Idol, when Ha Sungwoon was given a mission. A listener asked him to call up a friend and say “I love you” within the first minute of the conversation. The mission was a piece of cake! When Ha Sungwoon called Jimin and said, “I love you”, Jimin said it right back!


After the call, Ha Sungwoon said that Jimin is one of his friends (and seniors) that he loves the most. He described Jimin as a kind, genuine, and warm person, who he has learned a lot from.

Source: Herald