Ha Sung Woon’s Makeup Artist Was At A Loss For Words After He Revealed His Bare Face

Makeup is just an option for him!

Singer Ha Sung Woon recently showed off his flawless skin and visuals through a live broadcast. He turned on the broadcast to show fans his bedtime routine. 

| Ha Sung Woon/VLIVE

After erasing all his makeup, he revealed his clean and shining skin. Even his makeup artist that was watching the broadcast commented, “I’ve lost my job”, after seeing how amazing his bare face looked.

| Ha Sung Woon/VLIVE

He turned on the live broadcast again after showering and began to show his nighttime skincare routine, once again shocking fans with his visuals.

| Ha Sung Woon/VLIVE

On the other hand, he will be releasing his seventh mini album, Strange World, on August 24 and return to the K-Pop industry.

Source: insight