Ha Sungwoon Expresses His Gratitude for BTS’s Jimin and Ong Seongwu Following His First Concert as a Solo Artist

Ha Sungwoon recently had his first concert as a solo artist.

Ha Sungwoon recently held his first concert since his debut as a solo artist, and he shared his thoughts to the magazine, Star 1.

When he was asked of his feelings following his first independent concert, he answered, “It was fascinating, and I was very nervous. I was sad that I couldn’t practice more, but I was happy. I want to grow so that I can tour the entire country in the future.

Furthermore, he expressed his gratitude for BTS‘s Jimin and Ong Seongwu by adding, “I was really thankful that they came to my concert despite their busy schedules. I was truly happy that I was able to have my first concert in front of my precious friends.

Regarding the title song, “BLUE” of his new album taking first place, Ha Sungwoon shared, “I didn’t even expect it, so I was very surprised that it took first place.

Lastly, Ha Sungwoon thanked his fans for cheering him on when things got hard during his continuous activities as an idol following his appearance on Mnet’s Produce 101 Season 2.

Source: Insight
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