Ha Sungwoon And Hwang Minhyun Once Tried Exercising With Kim Jong Kook…But Ended Up Just Getting Tortured

Kim Jong Kook, a man of wisdom, or just insanity?

Kim Jong Kook has been known as someone who dedicates a lot of time to taking care of his body.

On an episode of My Little Old Boy, Kim Jong Kook decided to share his wisdom of exercising with Ha Sungwoon and Hwang Minhyun (NU’EST).

Ha Sungwoon and Hwang Minhyun look like they saw a ghost as they witnessed how intensely Kim Jong Kook exercises.

Kim Jong Kook starts the workout with Ha Sungwoon doing some lower body exercises, and Sungwoon immediately starts feeling the pain.

After the painful exercise, Ha Sungwoon just collapses to the ground and looks like he can’t continue with Kim Jong Kook’s exercise plan.

Hwang Minhyun goes next and also starts feeling the pain as soon as the exercise begins.

Kim Jong Kook can’t help but be “inspiring” during these moments of pain and shares some of his wisdom.

Hwang Minhyun also looks exhausted once his exercise ends and looks the same as Ha Sungwoon after his exercise ended.

Here is the full video below!