Ha Sungwoon Shares Why He And Jimin Became Close Friends

He explained why he and Jimin became closer, and why he admires Jimin as a senior and as a friend.

HOTSHOT‘s Ha Sungwoon recently discussed his admiration for BTS and his close friendship with Jimin.


Ha Sungwoon has been Jimin for years now, and that friendship just keeps getting stronger with time. When Ha Sungwoon joined the cast of Produce 101, back in 2017, Jimin asked everyone to support him.

Please give lots of cheers and support for Sungwoon. He’s a brother who is really nice and sings very well. #JIMIN #HaSungwoon #Produce101Season2

— Jimin


After Ha Sungwoon graduated from Produce 101, he became a member of the project boy group Wanna One, which disbanded earlier this year. During his Wanna One days, Ha Sungwoon and Jimin were often seen cheering each other on at awards shows.


When Ha Sungwoon made his solo debut in February, Jimin was one of the first idol friends to show his support for Ha Sungwoon.

I’ll support you on too, hyung. You’ve worked hard.

— Jimin


In a recent interview with Ten Asia, Ha Sungwoon was asked about his role models, BTS. He has known BTS since before they debuted back in 2013, and he admires how hard they worked to get to where they are today.


I’ve known the team since before they debuted. So, I personally know that it was not luck but their endeavors and studies that made them rise to stardom. It’s really amazing and I admire them.

— Ha Sungwoon


Jimin is someone he looks up to professionally, but Ha Sungwoon also admires him as a friend.

The member I became close to is Jimin. We became closer since our personalities are very similar and we’re of the same nature. He’s someone who is precious to me and who I’m thankful for. Not only do I look up to him as a senior, he also takes care of me personally, making me feel his big heart.

— Ha Sungwoon


Fans hope to see more interactions between these two in the near future!


Source: Ten Asia