Ha Sungwoon Recalls How Taemin’s Mom Hilariously Mistook Them For Each Other

She thought she was looking at her son, but it was actually Ha Sungwoon.

One of the most recognizable friendship groups among idols is the Padding Friends squad, which HOTSHOT‘s Ha Sungwoon is part of with many other popular male idols like EXO‘s Kai.

Since Ha Sungwoon shared how BTS‘s Jimin reacts to hearing how much the two resemble each other, he shared a funny moment of the same happening with SHINee‘s Taemin.

The humorous mixup happened at a sleepover, “Anyway, I slept over at Taemin’s house once. In the morning, I went to the bathroom.” He’d run into Taemin’s mom the next morning.

When she took a look at Ha Sungwoon, she immediately thought he was Taemin and addressed him as such. He made the hosts and Wanna One members laugh, “His mother saw me and told me, ‘Taemin-ah, come have breakfast.’

Naturally, Ha Sungwoon denied it. Even so, Taemin’s mother was stunned that he truly wasn’t her son. “I told her that I wasn’t Taemin and she was taken aback.” If Taemin’s own mother confused the two, the resemblance is strong.

After Ha Sungwoon mentioned the funny moment to Taemin, even he had to acknowledge it: “I went to Taemin and told him that his mom mistook him for me. He said he had to admit it too, then.

They say the longer you spend around a friend, the more you start to resemble them. No wonder Ha Sungwoon looks similar to his close friends Taemin and Jimin.

See Ha Sungwoon recall the hilarious memory of Taemin’s own mother confusing the two for each other.