The Habit Kep1er’s Huening Bahiyyih Helped TXT’s Hueningkai Break As A Trainee

“She took great care of me…”

TXT‘s Hueningkai and Kep1er‘s Huening Bahiyyih are a beloved sibling duo and fans are often eager to see them interact, as they’ve both admitted their busy schedules make it challenging to meet often.

TXT’s Hueningkai (left) and Kep1er’s Huening Bahiyyih (right) | @official.kep1er/Instagram

Though they may not be able to see each other often, the two idol siblings, along with their older sister and former VIVA member Lea Navvab Huening, frequently support each other’s activities and their respective groups.

When Huening Bahiyyih faced tough competition during her time on the idol survival program Girls Planet 999, her older brother was there for her, offering advice and talking to her frequently over the phone.


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Recently, the two talented idols posed for a special feature in the fashion magazine GQ Korea, and along with their feature, they also sat down for a fun “sibling chemistry” interview.

The two displayed classic sibling behavior, including when Hueningkai jokingly stated that Huening Bahiyyih can be “really scary,” claiming that she can surprisingly throw “scary” truth bombs.

GQ Korea wanted to know if Hueningkai had been hit with any “truth bombs” from his sister recently, and she hilariously replied that she’s “not really paying attention [to him] these days.

She explained that when she was younger, she felt a sense of responsibility for her older brother, but now she knows his company will take care of him.

Hueningkai added that Huening Bahiyyih “took great care of [him] when [he] was a trainee.” The Kep1er member explained that Hueningkai had a habit of oversleeping when he needed to be up for school.

Huening Bahiyyih became her older brother’s personal alarm, heartwarmingly calling him multiple times in the morning since he often struggled to wake up when he was a trainee.

Now, Hueningkai has the help of staff and his fellow members to make sure he’s up for schedules on time, but he fondly remembers how Huening Bahiyyih took care of him.

Just as Hueningkai looked out for his younger sister as she prepared for her debut, Huening Bahiyyih also looked out for her older brother, showing just how supportive they are.

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