Haechan Is Back With NCT Dream And Everything In The World Is Right Again

The sun has returned.

Haechan is a part of both units NCT 127 and NCT Dream. But, he’d been promoting with NCT 127 on their world tour Neo City – The Origin while NCT Dream had been continuing their own promotions.

Now, NCT 127 has returned to Korea to promote their newest mini album We Are Superhuman with title track “Superhuman”. So, Haechan has been able to reunite with NCT Dream. And, there was a video clip that proved his status in the group.

He had immediately introduced himself as “Haechan of NCT Dream.” It was exactly what everyone had been waiting to hear since awaiting his return to the unit and hoping for a comeback after nearly a year.

Although NCT Dream is currently getting ready to release a special single with British singer HRVY, Haechan’s return may be signalling a full comeback in the future.

After his promotions with NCT 127 have come to an end of course. Are you looking forward to a full NCT Dream comeback?