Haha Once Tried To Do A Cooking Broadcast With GOT7’s Mark…But It Just Turned Into Him Trying To Unclothe Mark

Haha knows what the fans want.

Haha showed he’d do anything for broadcasts and was willing to provide some “fanservice” for GOT7 fans. On an episode of Running Man, Haha attempted to do a cooking broadcast with GOT7’s Mark and made sure the cameras were rolling.

Haha tried to be kind and help Mark put his microphone on, but he actually had other intentions in mind.

Mark wasn’t even mad over the whole situation and just continuously laughed it off.

Mark even touched on how the other members of GOT7 were away for the holidays and he stayed in Korea because his family lives far away in LA. This “touched” Haha’s heart and went in to give Mark a hug, but he had other intentions, again.

Haha eventually came clean to Mark about what he was trying to do and that he needed something to “spice up” the viewers. Mark seemed cool about it after that and was open to anything at this point.

Haha was shocked by how cool Mark was about his idea and that Mark even suggested doing the broadcast shirtless.

Watch the full video below.