Haha Was Watching A Drama With His Wife When His Ex-GF Poppped up On The Screen

The way he reacted may have made things a thousand times more awkward…

On Big Picture 2, Haha and Kim Jong Kook discussed the K-Drama Return which featured Haha’s ex-girlfriend.


Speaking of running into ex-girlfriends, Haha looked back on the time when things got awkward for him and his wife, Byul.


Haha explained that the two had been watching Return when newscaster-turned-actress Ahn Hye Kyung popped up on the screen in the role of a school bully’s mother.

Ahn Hye Kyung was featured in the drama acting the role of a school bully’s mother.


Haha was caught so off guard that he sprang up from his seat when Ahn Hye Kyung appeared.

“It wasn’t even a subtle flinch. I full on jumped to my two feet.” — Haha


Haha had to retreat to the bathroom because he didn’t want to confront the awkward silence.


Byul, on the other hand, didn’t seem to mind her husband’s ex-girlfriend on the monitor. She continued to watch.

“She was fine. She kept watching like she didn’t really care.” — Haha


Haha playfully stated that was the last episode he has been able to watch.


Haha and Byul got married in 2012 and are happy parents to two children. Fans adore Haha and Byul for their deep love for each other and their romantic comedy relationship!

Source: Dispatch