The Halal Guys is Currently The Hottest Place to Spot Korean Idols

If you want good food and a good chance to run into your favorite Korean idol, then this restaurant is THE place to be!

The Halal Guys restaurant in Itaewon has recently become a hot spot to see idols enjoying a meal. The restaurant chain specializes in tasty halal meat, gyros, and falafels served with their famous “White Sauce”. The Halal Guys got its start in New York City selling meals from a food cart. Since opening up shop 25 years ago, the eatery has expanded to other parts of the United States and to other countries as well.

Take a look at their high-profile clientele!

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Rapper Choiza is in the house!

Brian Joo with FerBean.

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Killagram stopped by too.

Even the U.S. Ambassador was here!

Grand opening of The Halal Guys in Korea!

Korean idols know good food when they see it. Yum!