Halsey Calls Herself Part Of BTS’s ARMY, Praises Them And BTS

Halsey just understands everything.

During an interview with the Zach Sang Show, Halsey was asked about the “BTS experience” by co-host Dan Zolot.


Halsey immediately said, “The fans are awesome. The ARMY are great.” Zach Sang agreed by saying, “The most beautiful human beings.”

Halsey explained that ARMY are misrepresented in culture as mindless fans, when in actuality they’re “intelligent, funny, tasteful, and charitable.”

She shared how impressed she’d been when ARMY organized a charitable event in her name as a thank-you, stating that the world would be a better place if all fans thanked their artists this way.

She also praised ARMY for their “incredible” memes and their “amazing graphic artists.” She explained that it’s a different world where someone could be away from Twitter for a few days and wouldn’t be able to understand the new memes.

She confessed that it’s happened to her before, and she had to catch up on everything she missed to understand the new memes and in the process, “All of a sudden, I’m ARMY.”

Halsey also praised BTS: “They were super nice to me too. Super welcoming. Super, super nice.” She had initially been intimidated by ARMY but understood why they were so protective over BTS. And, it all turned out for the best.

Watch Halsey intellectually explain everything here.