Ham So Won Claims She Was the Originator of the “No Bra Movement” Much Before Sulli’s Controversy

Ham So Won said she tried going braless in a 2009 drama.

Ham So Won recently appeared on JTBC’s The Night of Hate Comments, and she drew the attention of many viewers with her no-bra story.

She remarked, “Sulli was caught on in a no bra controversy, but I’m actually the originator of the no bra movement in Korea.

Ham So Won explained, “I filmed a drama back in 2009, and I didn’t wear a bra. And I got scolded really badly by a ‘sunbae’ of mine for not wearing one.

She continued, “But it wasn’t so obvious that viewers would have noticed. But once that ‘sunbae’ realized, she scolded, ‘You can’t do this’, so I ended up stopping after that.

Ham So Won then gave Sulli the thumbs up and said, “So when Sulli did it again 10 years later, I thought she was so cool.

She concluded the story by adding, “Some outfits just look better without a bra. So I decided not to wear one that time, but I was scolded big time.

Watch the full footage below:

Source: Dispatch