Ham So Won Was Absolutely Shocked When She Found out MONSTA X Shownu’s Age on Radio Star

Ham So Won married 25-year-old Jin Hua just last year.

On the most recent broadcast of MBC’s Radio Star, Ham So Won, Song Ga In, Giant Pink, and MONSTA X‘s Shownu appeared as guests.

In the midst of a conversation about how Kim Gu Ra said Shownu reminded him of his younger self, Yoon Jong Shin asked Shownu how old he is now.

In response, Shownu answered, “I was born in 1992, so I’m 28 years old right now.

When Ham So Won heard this, she reacted with great surprise, which confused the rest of the cast.

Ham So Won then clarified why she was so surprised by explaining, “He’s older than my husband. My husband was born in 1994.

Ham So Won is 44 years old which means her husband is 18 years younger than her. Ham So Won and Jin Hua got married just last year and even gave birth to their first daughter, Hye Jung.

Source: Dispatch