Han Chae Ah Reveals She Was Always Forced To Stay In The Classroom For This One Reason

Han Chae Ah revealed on Radio Star that, in high school, bullies wouldn’t let her come out of the classroom.

On March 1, Han Chae Ah starred on MBC‘s Radio Star and revealed that she was an ulzzang at her school, Bangeojin High School.

Kyuhyun revealed just how popular Han Chae Ah was by explaining that her sunbaes wouldn’t let her go out of the classroom because they knew she would steal the spotlight from them.

Han Chae Ah then explained the extent of her popularity and smirked because of how arrogant she sounded after revealing the story.

“When I was a freshman, the older boys in our school would show an interest in me, and so the older girls wouldn’t let me out of the classroom. So they would tell me not to come out even when it was recess.”

Han Chae Ah

Kyuhyun added that there were always boys with motorbikes waiting for Han Chae Ah to come out of the front gates, which meant she never had to walk home from school.

Han Chae Ah denied that there were always boys with motorbikes, but stated that it was true that there were always boys from other schools waiting to see her after school.

Watch the segment here: