Model Han Hye Jin Reveals Tips On How To Relieve Body Swelling

Here’s what she does before underwear photoshoots.

Model Han Hye Jin revealed on a recent episode of My Mad Beauty 3 tips on how to relieve body swelling.

When Weki Meki‘s Yoojung pointed out that she actually gained weight after working out because of body swelling, Han Hye Jin pointed out that the swelling is caused by fluid in the body.


She further explained that this was the reason her trainer always tells her to quit water before an underwear or athleticwear photoshoot.


She then shared a tip on how to reduce swelling in the body. She advised taking a lower-body bath for a long period of time to sweat out the moisture.

If you have a bathtub, take a lower-body bath. But don’t just stay in there fore 15-20 minutes, stay in there for about an hour.

ㅡ Han Hye Jin

If the water gets cold, drain it down and turn on more hot water and sweat it all out.

ㅡ Han Hye Jin


She claims that if you use this method, the swelling in your body will completely be resolved as it helps with blood circulation.


For those who don’t have a bathtub, Han Hye Jin advised using a bucket filled with continuously running hot water to dunk your feet in for an hour. This will also make your body sweat out the moisture.


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Source: Naver TV