Han Hye Jin Explains Why Cheaters Are Doomed for Life

Han Hye Jin spoke from personal experience.

On a recent episode of JTBC’s Hogu Life, Han Hye Jin spoke up about cheating and explained that half of cheating comes from genetics while the other half is from habit.

She shared, “That’s why someone who cheated once will continue to cheat. It doesn’t matter who the other person is.

Jun Jin agreed and added, “The people I’ve seen around me who cheated eventually grow old and start looking for love, but that’s when they get screwed over.

When Han Hye Jin was asked about women’s sense, she expressed, “Women have good sense. We notice if something’s changed about a person even if it’s minor.

She then opened up about her own experience by confessing, “I learned from my own experience that those who have cheated before keep suspecting their partner of cheating. People who have cheated before or do it habitually think their partner is just like them. That’s why they’re always suspicious.

Source: Dispatch