Han Hye Jin Shares The Hardships She Had To Face As A Model

“It was torturous not being able to wear underwear in front of hundreds and thousands of people.”

On a recent episode of Joy of Conversation 2 (대화의희열2)model Han Hye Jin shared the hardships she had to endure after choosing the path of becoming a model.


She began by explaining that her tall height was always her inferiority complex since she was little.

I was a tall and ugly kid. I was always one head taller wherever I went so it was my one wish to become smaller…I was taller than my teacher. In 6th grade, I was over 168cm. PE time was my worst. I hated wearing the short gym clothes and going outside more than anything.

ㅡ Han Hye Jin


What helped her regain her confidence, however, was the numerous casting offers she received from recruiters.

I received numerous business cards from recruiters on the street. I thought maybe I was special. So I registered for a model academy.

ㅡ Han Hye Jin


When she entered a supermodel contest, she stated that she thought she was the tallest person in the world, but there were 200 other girls just as tall as her in the contest. This is when she realized that this was the place that she needs to be.


But when she didn’t have any talents to offer, she was excluded from the competition. Nonetheless, her current agency’s CEO, who was the director of the competition, continuously tried to convince her to become a model.

He called my home every day. He told me I had a good body. That I was young, but tall. And that my waist was not long and my head small for an Asian. He thought a new generation had appeared.

ㅡ Han Hye Jin


Having debuted through an audition, Han Hye Jin said she appeared on almost all types of shows, but it wasn’t easy being a model at the young age of 17.

Physically, I had no time and since I was also studying I had no time to do all of it. Moreover, it was torturous not being able to wear underwear in front of hundreds and thousands of people. That was the hardest. I wanted to quit hundreds of times each day.

ㅡ Han Hye Jin


She continued to explain the difficulties she experienced in the world of fashion but also the extraordinary passion she had for it.

After getting into that world, there were many people who criticized me. It was normal for me to be scolded every day. So I wanted to quit. But as soon as I stood on stage, it made my crazy. Because it was so good…I even thought that if I had to die, I wanted to die right there.

ㅡ Han Hye Jin


After 7 years of being a model, Han Hye Jin finally decided to step out of her comfort zone and make her debut in New York due to the influence of her CEO. After having stood on the stages of the world’s top 4 fashion scenes in New York, Paris, Milano and London for 4 years, she returned to Korea because she was simply too lonely.

I was too lonely. I almost went crazy. I filmed advertisements and magazines, participated in shows that everyone knows about and did everything I could as a model. Then, I thought about what was important and it was people. The hardest thing for me was going back to New York after visiting Korea for awhile for work. Parting with my family was so hard.

ㅡ Han Hye Jin


Now, as a television personality and still a professional model, she explained that it was thanks to her seniors who continue to hold out in the modeling industry that she is still able to continue her work as a model and expressed her hopes that she could be such an influence for her junior models as well.

I didn’t know I’d be working as a model at the age of 37. It’s such a comfort that my seniors are still holding out in the industry. I’d like to be such an influence to my juniors. Although I am doing broadcasting, I am still involved in modeling as well.

ㅡ Han Hye JIn


Watch Han Hye Jin tell her story in the video clip below: