Han Hye Jin Reveals an Old Photo of Herself Looking Significantly Different

Han Hye Jin was just 18 years old at the time.

Han Hye Jin recently appeared on tvN’s Salty Tour along with Park Myung Soo, Kyuhyun, and Lee Yong Jin.

The members were a little awkward with each other since it was their first meeting, but they made an effort to get to know each other by asking questions, and Park Myung Soo was especially enthusiastic.

He asked the other members, “Do you like to travel?” and when Han Hye Jin said she did, he brought up her acting career by making the comment, “You must have been to America a lot.

In response, Han Hye Jin brought out all of her past passports including American visas, and Park Myung Soo immediately discovered something and snatched one of her passports.

Han Hye Jin attempted to get it back, but Park Myung Soo managed to get away and reveal Han Hye Jin’s old American visa photo from when she was just 18 years old.

The photo showed her looking quite plain with black hair and straight bangs.

In contrast to her current image of being fierce and sexy as one of Korea’s top models, she looked sweet and innocent as if she was just an ordinary student.

Despite the difference in image, what’s for certain is that Han Hye Jin’s visuals always stood out from the rest, both then and now.

Source: Dispatch