Han Hye Jin Opens up About Her Thoughts on Love and Ex-Boyfriends

“I felt like that with all the men I’ve dated in the past.”

Han Hye Jin recently appeared on tvN’s Salty Tour where she shared her honest thoughts on love and ex-boyfriends.

On the show, Park Myung Soo asked his fellow members what they thought about love and waited to hear the responses of Han Hye Jin and Lee Yong Jin in particular.

In response, Lee Yong Jin shared, “I didn’t know what love was. But I got that feeling. I was certain that the person in front of me was my person” as he expressed his love for his wife. 

He then noticed Han Hye Jin picking her teeth and exclaimed, “How dare you pick your teeth during my love story? That’s not right!


And when he proceeded to tell his story, Han Hye Jin started fixing her hair to which Lee Yong Jin paused and shouted, “Why are you showing everyone your armpits when I’m talking about my love life? Please focus!

Once Lee Yong Jin finished his story, Han Hye Jin confessed, “I felt like that with all the men I’ve dated in the past.

When Park Myung Soo asked her what she was going to do in the future, she replied, “I’m not sure. But I think dating is homework that we have to work on until the day we die.

Park Myung Soo agreed with this and asked, “Just until we get married, right?” But Han Hye Jin shared her true thoughts and said, “But it’s always possible that we might get a divorce.

Source: Dispatch