Han Hyeri snaps back at Seungri, Writes lengthy apology after her behavior on MIXNINE

Han Hyeri updated her Instagram with an apology for the way she reacted to Seungri after failing her audition on MIXNINE.

After being told that she hadn’t qualified, she said to Seungri:

“You’re so mean. I’m going to tell on my mom.”

— Han Hyeri

Viewers soon criticized her for talking back and not being humble, so she decided to apologize.

Below is Koreaboo’s full translation of her apology.

“Hello, this is Han Hyeri.

The group audition video for our team on MIXNINE has been uploaded!

We met up to practice every single day for the past month, and so it was a performance that conveyed all of our hard efforts!

I wanted to show everyone a new and different image from the original ‘Han Hyeri’, so even thought I was lacking, I’m glad I was able to show you this side of me at least.

I apologize for what I said and my attitude if it made anyone uncomfortable.

I only wanted to show you a bright and positive side of me, but I feel that I’m sorry that I lacked in that area.

I will try my best and work harder than what I lack to show you a more mature side of me.

Thank you for always supporting me consistently!!!!! Please take care of your health as the weather has gotten colder these days.

To my MIXTEEN unnisㅎㅎ You did really well meeting your boisterous maknae.

Thank you also to our Bosun unni for coming to help us with practice whenever you had time.

I love our unnis, fighting to our existence!”

— Han Hyeri


Source: My Daily