Han Hyunmin & Stray Kids’ “Boy In Luv” Parody Will Brighten Your Day

Not everyone can be “tough” guys like BTS.

To introduce BTS‘s comeback song “Boy With Luv”, Mnet aired a special parody based on their past song “Boy In Luv”.

Han Hyunmin was struck by cupid’s arrow, and he wanted to find out how he could make the girl of his dreams become his.

He thought he could gain his love’s heart by becoming a tough guy, just like BTS had been in “Boy In Luv”. So, he approached Stray Kids for help. They offered him a few “tough” ways to win his love over.

The first method was a straightforward confession demonstrated by Seungmin and Hyunjin. The rest of Stray Kids found it so sweet they could’ve cried.

Bang Chan, I.N, and Woojin showcased their heartfelt singing as the second method.

The last method was taking a photo of his tear-streaked face with I.N and sending it at exactly at 2 AM to gain his love’s sympathy. But, she simply called him crazy.

Ultimately, none of Stray Kids’ “tough” guy methods worked. And, Hyunmin’s love ended up falling for sweet guy Hyunjin.

To see Stray Kids’ ironically not-so-tough methods and Hyunmin’s reactions, you can watch the full parody here.

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