(★TRENDING) Han Seo Hee Claims She’s A Feminist But Says Transgenders Aren’t Women

Alleged girl group trainee Han Seo-hee is once again on a hot seat, living up to her negative public image after announcing a cyber war against a minority group.

Han Seo Hee, who was involved in T.O.P of Big Bang’s marijuana case, created a controversial posting on an Instagram against Transgenders.

“I do not think a Transgender woman is a real woman. I do not think it is biologically female.”

— Han Seo Hee (@hxxsxxhee)


She also posted a picture of a chat dialogue with a netizen, sharing a heated conversation about the differences in opinions.

“They do not have Uterus, nor they have XX chromosomes. If their Citizen ID number starts with 2 or 4, then I will consider them as women.”
— Han Seo Hee (@hxxsxxhee)

Han Seo Hee was sentenced to four years of probation and a suspended prison term of three years for her wrongdoing and claims that she will debut as a girl group member next year.

Netizens are infuriated with her negligence and ignorance towards transgender community.

After claiming that she has no intention of using feminism as a marketing strategy, but Han Seo Hee uses her Instagram to create any kind of buzz she can possibly get.

[★TRENDING] Han Seo Hee Claims She Says Outrageous Things Because She’s A Feminist

See below for her entire translation of her Instagram Posting:

“As I started Instagram, I posted a lot of posts about feminism. Some of the transgender people and those who are not Transgender sent me a lot of long texts with direct messages. All of them claimed that all Transgender female are women, and I should write a post about their human rights. Hmm. But I do not think a Transgender woman is a real woman. I do not think it is biologically female. They still have their male genitals attached to them, and they would like to be called women .. I will carry only ‘women’ in my back. When you ask a transgender female, “Why do you want to be a woman?” then they would reply “I liked to make up when I was a kid, I liked to hang out with girls rather than boys, and I liked to wear girly shoes …” and so on. I do not wear high heels but I like sneakers instead. Instead of playing with the princess dolls, I used to play Digimon. Would I be qualified as a man now? When I talked to people around me or my friends about Transgender, everyone seems to have different opinions about this. What are your thoughts?”

— Han Seo Hee (@hxxsxxhee)


Source: Dispatch