[★TRENDING] Han Seo Hee dances to BLACKPINK… and netizens call her “Crazy Bitch”

Han Seo Hee recently updated her Instagram with her covering the dance to BLACKPINK’s “Playing With Fire”.

She explained that she had to film it for her company while she was in the United States.

“I’m uploading this video I had to film and send to my company while I was in America,, hop hop”

— Han Seo Hee

Within just 11 hours, her cover reached 95,000 views and has been going viral in Korea.

In a previous Instagram live stream, she announced that she’ll be debuting in a 4-member girl group in January next year.

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Some believed the dance video confirmed that she was indeed preparing for her debut, and showed their support.

“Seohee I love you huk huk”

— @woncrush

“So cute.. I’m dying……..”

— @royoon._

“Seohee.. Please upload one everyday.. Huk f*ck.. I f*cking love you.. huk huk”

— @e.ayeon

Others are criticizing her for promoting herself, when she should be reflecting on her crimes of smoking marijuana.

“She’s gone past the point of being shameless… Crazy bitch.”

— Jang Ha Na (장하나)

“She’s seriously not sane in the slightest…”

— Seul Gi (슬기)

Watch the full video below.