Han Seo Hee Leaves A Snappy Response On Instagram About Former iKON Member B.I’s Birthday

She gave it one word, but one word said it all.

On October 22, 2019, iKONICs celebrated B.I‘s birthday, regardless of his status being “former” iKON member. iKON members, including Bobby, also sent out birthday messages on social media, showing fans that the brotherhood is still strong.


Meanwhile, when an anonymous Instagram user tried to involve Han Seo Hee in the celebration, she was extra snappy in shutting it down. Using the “Ask me a question” feature on Han Seo Hee’s Instagram story, the anonymous user suggested she celebrates his birthday.

Wish hanbin happy bday today. Today is his bday. #Peacenowar

— Anonymous Instagram User


To this, Han Seo Hee responded “#jiral”. Jiral is a Korean curse word loosely translated to “fuck” and in this instance can be interpreted as “Fuck that” or even “Fuck you”.


Korean netizens are not too surprised by Han Seo Hee’s bitter-snappy reaction, as this is not the first time she publicly sassed back at an online comment. Rather, Koreans are starting to find her level of IDGAF-ness to be almost… comical.

This girl… She is… definitely something…

— Online Comment


Han Seo Hee and B.I were together involved in YG Entertainment‘s massive drug scandal earlier this year, with Han Seo Hee being the one to have reported B.I’s drug use.

B.I’s Drug Scandal: Here’s Everything We Know So Far

Source: THEQOO