Han Seo Hee Talks About Her Illegal Fund Raising, Says she will live her life as she pleases

Han Seo Hee continued on her internet chatting sessions by opening up about her debut plans.

This week, she seems to be taking back her earlier statement this month regarding her will to become popular and debut as a singer.

Han Seo Hee States That She Will Do Anything To Become Famous And Debut

On a recent Instagram post, which has since been deleted, she stated that she’s going to change her style of activity online.

“I will never give feedbacks from now on, and, what’s more, live my life as I see fit. If I debut, I debut, but I won’t if I don’t feel like it.”

— Han Seo Hee

She also apologized for being absent without word from social media for two days.

“Thank you and sorry to those who were worried about me over the last two days.”

— Han Seo Hee

Her reactivated Instagram account shows that she’s deleted many posts, including ones that have generated controversy and discussed her stance on feminism and transgender women.


She was recently the center of feminism and transgender rights issues in Korea.

(★TRENDING) Han Seo Hee Claims She’s A Feminist But Says Transgenders Aren’t Women

And she also faced blowbacks for attempting to crowdfund a feminist shopping mall while still on probation for her marijuana case.

After all the talks between the netizens and her, Han Seo Hee’s debut plans may just become a thing of the past!