This Female Idol Had A Crush On BTS Jimin…And Everyone Found Out

She couldn’t stop smiling when she talked about Jimin!

Han Seungyeon confessed that she had feelings for BTS‘s Jimin and her candid revelation took everyone by surprise… especially Jimin.


On an episode of Weekly Idol, Han Seungyeon admitted that she had her eye on Jimin when KARA and BTS’s promotion periods overlapped in the past.

“We (KARA and BTS) were promoting “Danger” and “Mamma Mia” at the same time and since then, I had my eye on him…” ㅡ Han Seungyeon


She then confessed that she was really happy to see Jimin again when they ran into each other more recently.

“Then (our promotions) overlapped again this time, and I was really happy when I saw him hehe…” ㅡ Han Seungyeon


As she talked about Jimin, she continued to twist her hair as if she were a bit embarrassed and really looked like she had a crush on Jimin!


She even knew the dance to BTS’s song “I Need U”, proving that she was really a fan indeed.


When Jimin heard about Han Seungyeon’s confession in a later episode, he was extremely surprised and seemed happy to hear the news as he responded by saying, “daebak”.


After seeing Jimin’s sexy dance from the same episode, it’s not hard to see why Han Seungyeon fell for him!

Source: Naver TV and Newsway