Han So Hee And “The Glory” Star Song Hye Kyo Both Wore Stunning Wedding Dresses But Served Completely Different Vibes

Their new drama has no male lead, so will we still see another wedding?

Two of the hottest actresses in the Korean entertainment industry have to be Han So Hee and The Glory star Song Hye Kyo. From their unreal talent on the screen to their visuals and charming personality, they’re truly fan favorites.

Han So Hee | @xeesoxee/Instagram
Song Hye Kyo | @kyo1122/Instagram

After rumors a few years ago, fans were excited when new mentions of the duo’s upcoming K-Drama The Price Of Confession were brought to the surface.

Here’s All We Know About Song Hye Kyo And Han So Hee’s Upcoming Drama, “The Price Of Confession”

After the announcement of the show was brought back, the two actresses started “flirting” on Instagram, and they set the internet on fire with their interactions.

Actress Han So Hee Shocks Netizens With Her “Flirty” Interactions With “The Glory” Star Song Hye Kyo On Instagram

Considering both actresses have starred in a huge number of K-Dramas, it isn’t surprising that both have shocked fans with beautiful wedding dresses in their roles.

In That Winter, the Wind Blows, Song Hye Kyo wore a beautiful princess gown and it seemed fitting of a fairytale wedding, with huge amounts of tulle and detailing paired with a traditional veil.

When she “married” K-Pop star Rain in Full House, the wedding dress was less conventional, falling above her knees and having details that suited it for both a modern wedding and also a night out. Adding a long veil and tiara made added that traditional flair that was definitely not seen in the dress alone.

Rain (left) and Song Hye Kyo

For The Crossing, Song Hye Kyo went full tradition with her outfit, and it suited the movie that was based on the tragic sinking of the Taiping in 1949. The puffy sleeves and extravagant detailing with all the accessories looked like something worn by princesses in royal weddings of the past.

While Song Hye Kyo’s wedding dresses in K-Dramas are normally positive events, Han So Hee’s was not seen as positively, as she played the mistress in the iconic show World of the Married. 

In the show, Han So Hee wore a beautiful, tight-fitting dress that fell off her shoulders. With a trumpet skirt, the dress perfectly showcased the actress’s figure and made fans momentarily forget to hate her character.


Yet, she also pulled off wedding dresses for photoshoots, adding her own personality with unique textures and accessories. Like her tattoos, Han So Hee is never afraid to showcase her style, and it was seemingly shown through her outfits.

Whether there will be any weddings in the duo’s upcoming show is yet to be determined. Hopefully, both actresses will have a happy ending, and netizens can see at least one of them get their happy ending by walking down the aisle… even without a confirmed male lead.

You can read more about the duo’s friendship below.

Actress Han So Hee And “The Glory” Star Song Hye Kyo Have Netizens Swooning With Their Flirty Interactions On Instagram

Same Fit, Different Vibes