Han Ye Seul Reveals Her Bare Face and Makes Everyone Wonder If She Even Needs Makeup

There’s literally no difference.

Korean makeup guru LeoJ recently uploaded a new makeup tutorial featuring the beautiful actress, Han Ye Seul, who let him give her a full makeover on camera.

But in order to get a full makeover, Han Ye Seul had to start off with a bare face, which she confidently revealed to all his viewers.

Despite not having any makeup on her face, Han Ye Seul even got up close and personal with the camera in order to flaunt her naturally youthful face.

Her skin was so flawless that it was easy to mistake it for one that already had foundation applied on top.

When LeoJ got close to start applying makeup on Han Ye Seul’s face, he was shocked by small her face was.

He then worked his magic and gave Han Ye Seul a beautiful new look, but she was so gorgeous, to begin with, that it didn’t have the shock factor that made before and after makeup tutorials often have.

Regardless, Han Ye Seul looked absolutely stunning after he finished applying makeup on her eyes and lips that it was almost hard to believe that she’s 39 years old.

Check out the Han Ye Seul’s before and after makeup tutorial below:

Source: Insight