Han Ye Seul Reveals She Has A Tattoo Dedicated To Ex-Boyfriend Teddy

She doesn’t regret it.

On December 10, Han Ye Seul uploaded a video on her Youtube channel explaining the meaning behind her tattoos.


She created a buzz online after revealing that one of her tattoos is the initial of her ex-boyfriend, Teddy.


She shared that people would always ask if it is alright to still have his name tattooed on her body even though they had already broken up.


Her response would always be that true friends would respect her memories and choices.

If you are my close friend, you should be open to what is part of me, such as the beautiful times I had, the precious memories I have, or the things I’ve done in the past—the things that made me who I am now—and you should be able to respect those moments no matter what.

– Han Ye Seul


Han Ye Seul and Teddy began dating in May of 2013 after meeting through a mutual acquaintance. They announced the end of their relationship in October of 2016.