Han Ye Seul Advises Fans to Think of the People They Hate When Working out

Han Ye Seul had some very realistic workout tips for fans.

Han Ye Seul recently shared a YouTube video of herself working out where she confessed, “I’m an active person, so I like to sweat. It helps me relieve stress.

The actress then shared her first workout tip, “I take a lot of breaks. If you go too hardcore right from the start, you’ll end up hating working out.

She then revealed her second tip, “You have to eat in between workouts. You’ll run out of energy otherwise.

Han Ye Seul then ran on the treadmill while advising, “It helps if you turn on exciting music at high volume.

She added, “I always think of the goals I want to achieve. If I think of it as running toward that goal, I end up running better.

Lastly, Han Ye Seul confessed, “I think about the people I hate and run like crazy. ‘I’m going to destroy you.’ So if you look at my face while I work out, I look really angry.

Source: Dispatch