This Little Boy From KBS’s “Shootdori” Grew Up To Become This Stunning Man And No One Was Prepared

The visual overload!

Back in 2005, KBS had a program titled Shootdori where young aspiring soccer players gathered to form a team. And among the young participants was Ji Seung Joon, who stole the hearts of the nation with his adorable looks!


Born in 1999, he was the goalkeeper of the team and soon had a massive following of fans!


His adorable yet chic expressions were his signature look…


… and he was called the little Kim Jaejoong at the time for their similar visuals!


After the show, Ji Seung Joon stopped appearing on TV shows and fans were only able to get a glimpse of him through fan sites as he continued to grow up as a normal student.


Over a decade later, Ji Seung Joon’s visuals have gone viral again as the now 20-year-old adult Ji Seung Joon had his photos plastered all over various forums!


Ji Seung Joon’s mom who has a travel blog on Instagram uploaded recent photos of her son and netizens were amazed by how he has barely changed since childhood!


His mother revealed that Ji Seung Joon doesn’t play soccer anymore but has been studying abroad in Canada.


And their family photos showed that Ji Seung Joon got his stunning looks from his equally stunning parents!


Now that he’s all grown up, Ji Seung Joon has shed his adorable image and is now a stylish man with a love for music!


From childhood to adulthood, Ji Seung Joon is sure to have a bright future ahead of him!

Source: SBS