HYBE Labels’ Top 10 Most Handsome Idols, Ranked 

It’s time to crown HYBE’s visual king.

Fans recently voted for HYBE Labels’ most beautiful female idol. Now, it’s time to crown the king! Who is the most handsome HYBE Labels’ idol of all? You voted. These are the results!

10. Beomgyu (TXT)

With 2% (217 votes), TXT’s beautiful Beomgyu takes the 10th spot on this list.

9. Sunghoon (ENHYPEN) 

ENGENE’s ice prince comes in at #9 with 2% (228 votes).

8. Jeonghan (SEVENTEEN)

CARAT went to bat for SEVENTEEN and managed to vote in three of the group’s members. Jeonghan received 2% of the vote (231 votes). 

7. Wonwoo (SEVENTEEN)

Wonwoo is the second SEVENTEEN member to make the Top 10. He received 2% of the votes (243 votes). 

6. Jimin (BTS)

ARMY’s votes placed more than one of the group’s members in the Top 10. Jimin is the first, having received 2% of the votes (266 votes).

5. Sunoo (ENHYPEN) 

Thanks to ENGENE’s love and his own dashing good looks, Sunoo made it into the Top 5 with 3% of the votes (346 votes).

4. Mingyu (SEVENTEEN)

With 4% of the votes (525 votes), handsome Mingyu came in 4th place. His face card never declines!

3. Jungkook (BTS)

The Golden Maknae took third place, having received 5% of the votes (690 votes).

2. V (BTS)

It’s no coincidence that “visuals” starts with “V.” For a while, this soulful singer was neck and neck with the #1 idol on this list. In the end, V received 26% of the votes (3,585 votes).

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1. Jin (BTS)

According to voters, Worldwide Handsome Jin is the most handsome HYBE Labels idol! This visual king took a whopping 39% percent of the votes (5,403 votes).

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