Hani Has A “Bad” Habit That Her Manager Keeps Scolding Her For

EXID’s manager always has to remind Hani to sit properly during variety shows.

She has a habit of opening her legs to sit more comfortably on variety shows.

The habit of hers became more well-known after Kangnam pointed it out, and has contributed to her nickname “Hani hyung”.

As a result, Hani’s manager has to keep reminding her to keep her legs together, as he doesn’t want her showing this kind of image on TV.

But Hani explained that she only sits like this whenever the chair is too uncomfortable or too high like the ones on Weekly Idol.

However, this picture of her sitting on a lower chair showed that it may not be the case.

She’s been listening to her manager’s words as when the other members talked about her “manly” way of sitting, she exclaimed “NO” and proudly showed off her politely crossed legs.

While it is no doubt difficult to always sit “properly” Hani’s relaxed style shows just how genuine and comfortable she is on shows.