Hani Comes To The Rescue Of TWICE Mina & Sana During Award Show

When TWICE‘s Mina and Sana are spotted looking uncomfortable, EXID‘s Hani springs into action.

Hani showed just how caring she is when, during the Golden Disk Awards, she noticed that TWICE’s Sana and Mina look anxious while having to cover their laps using their hands.

Hani and the other EXID members all had large cushions to place over their legs and look a lot more comfortable than the pair as a result. After noticing their discomfort, Hani takes her pillow, gives it to Sana, and shows them a more comfortable way to enjoy the rest of the award show.

Hani notices the TWICE pair sitting awkwardly.

Hani immediately tries to help Sana and Mina.

Hani jumps back in her seat after handing over her cushion to Sana.

LE gives a nod of approval to her EXID groupmate.

While Hani’s actions may seem like a small gesture, it is one that they are sure to remember for a long time as they attend other award shows in the future.